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Nick “81Neutronz” Low-Beer, AKA NickNeutronz, is a Producer, Scratch DJ, Audio Engineer and Keyboardist best known for his Electronica, Ambient and Hip Hop music. As a composer, Nick is credited for his contribution to the track “Cinderella Man” on Eminem’s Grammy Award winning album “The Recovery”. Nick has produced genre-bending top charting music internationally, as well as for "So You Think you can Dance" and Yakfilms. 

Nick works in NYC with DJs and Producers as a team member of "Skratcher NY," a turntablist collective. Given turntables as a teenager by mentor LX Paterson of The Orb, Neutronz has worked for 20 years as a scratch DJ, who's style fuses and transcends genre. Nick has performed at famed venues Webster Hall (NYC), Age-ha (Tokyo) and The Algerian National Theatre (Algeirs). 
Nick's production style, Terraform, combines ethereal melodies and impactful modern drum programming. Follow Nick Neutronz on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, at  @nickneutronz.  Hear his music at